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Holistic Dentistry - Dentistry for the whole person
by Mike Simon

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My journey to Holistic Dentistry started with personal insight into conventional versus unconventional healing. I suffered as a child with eczema and common allergy symptoms. After spending most of my childhood and young adult years visiting skin specialists prescribing antihistamines and corticosteroids I started to look for alternatives. It started with Dr J Chunn in Auckland and ended up with Sandy Foley a qualified acupuncturist and homeopath of Wellington. This was around the mid to late 80's when dentistry was in a great depression in NZ.

Tooth decay was on the decline and we were just not busy. Enter cosmetic dentistry - dentistry for the movie stars. I learned how to do pain free tooth makeovers and how to place white fillings in people's molars, business boomed! People actually wanted this stuff and all we had to do was ask them what they thought of their ugly black fillings! So here was a conceptual change we asked instead of prescribed.

Sandra Foley started referring me patients for amalgam removal. I would promise them no health benefits, but I would wonder. A couple of ladies had spectacular improvements with their ME, and this worried me as I implanted mercury in the teeth of my next patient. At a conference in 1993 I was shown the scientific evidence that mercury was released as vapour from amalgam fillings. A comment made at the venue's bar changed my path forever: " If it was cyanide would you give your patients a choice?". At that point my conscience dictated that I never use mercury amalgam again.

Since 1993 I have made the gradual transition from being a mercury-free dentist to that of being a holistic dentist. We feel that Holistic Dentistry benefits our patients because it humane dentistry and is the new vibration in dentistry for the new millennium. We look at the energy relationship between the teeth and body organs and how the health of one can affect the function of the other. The mouth is considered as part of the whole and not just the hole that chews and talks. We consider our patients as a synthesis of body mind and spirit, and all of the staff at Holistic Dental Centre have been trained by me in the Usui system of natural healing to relieve trauma. As an alternative to drugs we use homeopathic remedies such as Dental Prep containing arnica, aconite and hypericum to alleviate fear and pain. Michael Dong of the Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy compounds Dental Prep for us as well as supplying various antibacterial remedies for us for use instead of, or alongside of antibiotics. We use local anaesthetic carefully and gently.

Obsidian is often placed on the patient to absorb the small amounts of radiation emitted by devices such as the xray machine and dental curing light. Music and aromatherapy also help to make a visit to us as not like going to the dentist as possible. Other extras we use include: wheat bags, lip balm and dental care packs containing dental prep. For amalgam removal we also offer rubber dam and an independent air supply to breathe, both of which help stop absorption of mercury by our patients.

The Holistic Dental Centre is an attempt to offer awesome service by following the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.". We are relaxed whilst being professionally humane. We use modern technology and revolutionary bio-compatible materials including IPS Empress, one of the world's most popular metal-free porcelain system which combines function with outsatnding aesthetics to give you back your natural smile.

By the time many of our patients contact us at the Holistic Dental Centre, they have normally travelled a journey similar to mine. The last thing they want to hear is a patronising defence of dentistry's mercury amalgam. Most often they are angry with the dental profession for having filled their mouths with toxic waste and we help them to resolve and release this anger.

We love our job. Especially when you see the benefits of Holistic Dentistry in action. It is satisfying to have the positive feedback form our patients both during their recovery period from ill health and the follow up when they are again well. We are open minded about the techniques we use for our patients and see Holistic Dentistry as a continuously evolving health care delivery modality .

Holistic Dental Centre
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