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A retrospective study looking at biocompatability of composite dental materials as measured by an Electro Acupunctre machine
by Dr Michael Simon ( B.D.S Otago New Zealand )

30 April 2000

Patients were tested with cured samples of dental composite materials using an electroacupuncture machine ( a Vol machine ). The Vol was used by Mr Geoffrey Jones who is a homeopath and natural therapist and former industrial chemist. He took the samples and measured the patient's lymphatic response to the materials. The vol machine measures the patient's physical and emotional response to a substance and according to German doctor Dietrick Klinghardt is 96% accurate. Geoffrey does not look at the labels of the samples until he has finished his testing. He has no affiliation to any dental manufacturer nor any importer or distributor of any dental product. He gives the test results to the patient on a tooth chart along with the readings form each tooth.

The study was carried out as a retrospective study using the patient records at the Holistic Dental Centre in Lower Hutt New Zealand from February 1999 until March 2000.

It should be noted that any patient may be compatible with more than one product. No patient in our study was allergic to every product tested. It should also be noted that we also test our patients for biocompatability with local anaesthetics and crown and bridge materials.

The materials used were cured and placed in a labelled glass vial. The materials are a small sample of what is available world wide and are the ones that I have found to be useful in my dental practice.

  • Fuji IX by GC products
  • P60 by 3M
  • Charisma by Kulzer
  • Nulite F
  • Bisfil 2b by Bisco
  • Herculite XRV by Kerr
  • Z100 by 3M
  • Diamond Crown by DRM
  • Tetric by Ivoclar

Sample size was 74 patients.

ProductNumber of
o.k. tests
Diamond crown 4864.86%
Bisfil 2b4763.51%
Fuji IX4459.45%
Nulite F3648.64%
Herculite XRV2533.78%

The sample were mostly unwell people who had attended our clinic looking to have their health improved following dental mercury amalgam removal. The results indicate that there are some composites which are better than others as far as their biocompatability is concerned. One could easily extrapolate that if a product suits an unwell patient with a compromised immune system then it should be fine for a normal healthy person. In my practice of dentistry I also use muscle testing and find similar results. For a best guess with a suspected unwell patient I would use a base of Fuji IX or Bisfil 2b or Diamond Link with Diamond Crown as the veneer.

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