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What is holistic dentistry?

Aesculapii staff
  • Holistic dentistry looks at the person as a whole rather than just a set of teeth and jaws.
  • Holistic dentistry looks at the impact that the mouth has on the overall health of a person.
  • Holistic dentistry looks at nutrition, where necessary.
  • Holistic dentistry is open minded to changes and is an attempt to bring allopathic and alternative health care together for the highest good of the patient.
  • In particular in holistic dentistry we do not use mercury amalgam fillings at all. We look at the biocompatibility of the different tooth filling composite resins with the person. We have safe amalgam removal precautions available.
  • When teeth are removed in most cases the toxins are also removed from the tooth socket rather than letting them stay in the jaw bone.
  • Whilst not advocating root therapy for teeth where it is carried out we use biocompatible root fillings.
  • Holistic dentistry uses homeopathic remedies to help our patients (this is optional of course).
  • For patients sensitive to electromagnetic radiation we have earthed our equipment with copper and have various devices to help when light curing fillings.
  • As our knowledge changes so will the procedures that we use change.
  • The oath that we as dentists took at graduation is still foremost in our practise of dentistry. That motto is: "Do not harm!"
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